Today’s MMWR, which highlights the thoughtful and prudent public health practices used during overnight summer camps in Maine, reinforces how powerful everyday preventive actions are in reducing and keeping COVID-19 transmission low. Despite more than 1,000 campers and staff from nearly every state and 7 countries, only three people tested positive for COVID-19 during the camp and no additional campers or staff were known to be infected.  Using a combination of proven public health strategies to slow the spread of COVID-19, campers and staff were able to enjoy a traditional summer pastime amid a global pandemic.  As communities work together to get us back to where we used to be, it is essential that everyone – for their own good and that of their family’s – follow CDC and the federal government’s recommendations to protect against COVID-19.  This includes wearing masks, practicing social distancing and good hand hygiene, and staying home when you are sick.  I want to thank everyone who is already following this guidance, as well as encourage others to understand that their actions help others as much as they help them.