The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has generated serious repercussions on the health system, reducing the number of all cardiology procedures worldwide.


Describe the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the procedures performed by the electrophysiology department in a national referral center.


We made a retrospective review of our data base and we compared procedures made in the past 3 years since 2017-2019 with the procedures made in the 2020. We divided the procedures into two large groups: Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices (CIED) related procedures and electrophysiological procedures (EP) which included conventional and complex ablations.


There was a significant reduction in all the procedures, the average of procedures performed in the last 3 previous years was 467, while in 2020, we performed only 319 (p = 0.01); this represents a reduction of 33.4% in the total number of procedures. There was no statistical difference regarding the CIED related procedures, the average of procedures in the past 3 previous years was 174, and in 2020 we performed 190 procedures (p = 0.46). Regarding the EP, the average of the past 3 previous years was 293, while in 2020, we performed only 129 procedures (p < 0.01). The reduction in the EP was 55.97%. The most affected months were April, May, and June.


The COVID-19 pandemic considerably affected the number of the procedures in our center, reducing it by 33.4%. The reduction of procedures fundamentally affected the ablations, with a reduction of 55.97%. The number of CIED related procedures was not affected.